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Don't let the sun set on your memories


Preserve them for the generations to come

Your Photo Savings Plan

Your Best Life Media, your one-stop-shop for saving and enjoying your photo collection. Our mission is to enable you to enjoy the sharing of your memories by saving you time to do so. Your stories hold great emotional value and we understand. They are the currency for sharing your memories, a visual narrative placing you at the heart of a story. For example, an artfully designed video slideshow can be like a photo with a story. A visual media experience of your best life moments affirming a life well-lived.

Given the personal value of your photo collection, we frame our services around a photo savings plan. As with any saving plan you must-have services and products that make the plan a worthy investment of time. Our key services are; visual storytelling and memory-keeping solutions. Both are designed to be an emotional visual media experience. Both provide assurance for the long-term protection and preservation of your photo collection.


Becoming a client of Your Best Life Media, enables you to make a high-yield affordable investment in your photo collection. We understand the challenge of organizing and working with your photo collection. YBLM Iis committed to helping you avoid the risk of losing your valuable photos. Choose the present to preserve the future. Schedule a discovery session today.


Visual Storytelling

What is visual storytelling? It's a strategy that tells a story through the use of visual media, such as photos, video, or illustration. This is the core service of YBLM.

Digital Photo Organizing 

What is digital photo organizing?

It's a process that consists of consolidating, organizing and protecting  your 

digital memories.

Memory Keeping Solutions

What are memory keeping solutions? These solutions are a permanent digital home to preserve your family memories and pass them down to future generations. Through clients recieve a full package of state of the art tools including design tools, photo gifts, digital storage and more.

Decorlotta Designs | Etsy Shop

: YBLM has expanded its work with images to include creating abstract images for home decor.

Step into a world where art and technology unite in mesmerizing harmony. Decorlotta Designs collection of artistic technology is a testament to the limitless possibilities of creativity. Each piece is carefully crafted using cutting-edge algorithms, resulting in captivating compositions that are sure to captivate art enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike.


Happy Customers

Catherine Siebert

I had Your Best Life Media create two videos for my business to help bring awareness to October Domestic Violence Month.


Gaylotta was so easy to work with. She listened to what I wanted and delivered! I highly recommend Your Best Life Media's photo slideshows when you are looking to tell a story to your audience! I will definitely be using her again! 

Leslie Morris

Gaylotta goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that her customers walk away feeling totally pleased with the outcome of her work.  I used her to develop a video slide show for our scholarship program.  Gaylotta was not only creative and an expert at her craft, but she was very professional in her response to our numerous requests. I would definitely use her services again.

Melissa McClary- Davis

Gaylotta has an amazing passion for the video services she offers. She has the utmost professionalism and delivers just as expected and on time. I highly recommend those who don't have knowledge or time for video creation to seek out her services. The value that she provides is immense and the work is professional.   She will work with you to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the final product.


Let's Talk

Our photo management service helps you to organize and preserve your photos for future generations, ensuring that your memories are safe from disasters like fires, tornados and hurricanes. With our service, you can easily organize your photos, keep them safe and share them with family and friends. Now is the time to secure your photos for future generations.
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