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Every good story is intentional. Every good story has a lesson. Every good story when shared celebrates your journey, your cherished memories. 

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 The "Now Playing" video targets the DIY person particularly a business owner who wants to create their own video. YBLM offers a free 3-week course on selecting video editing that best fits your skill level and needs.
The 3 part series starts November 2020.

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 The Beginning: ABCs of Photo Organizing



These photos are the most important and belong in an album and/or scanned and archived. The ones you choose are the most personal and cherished. Less is more!



Photos that are important enough to keep should be stored in archival quality boxes for long term storage,

or backed up thoroughly if digitized.




Yes , you can! These photos can go in the trash can or your delete file. Toss duplicates, blurry or unflattering photos, excess scenery photos, etc.




This is the most important part. Keep any photos that clearly tell a story. An old blurry photo may have your Dad's first car in the background1 Be careful you aren't tossing your history.

Don't have regrets about not preserving your precious family photos and the stories behind them for future generations. YBLM offers MEDIA CONVERSION services to assist you with organizing.


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