How Can Your Best Life Media Help You?

Your Best Life Media (YBLM) is designed to be a time saver. Yes, you may have the skills to create a visual narrative, but do you really want to? More importantly, do you have the time?

YBLM can help you save time with its photo savings plan of memory-keeping solutions and photo organizing options. We help you consolidate, deduplicate, organize, maintain, and enjoy your photo collection.

Think of no longer spending more than five minutes finding your favorite photos on your phone. Instead, transition to clutter-free online photo albums and spend more time enjoying rather than searching. Then, imagine the joy of using your organized photo collection to create entertaining video slideshows with narratives, music, and stunning transitions. Next, make photo gifts using your favorite photos or have your favorite old photo restored. Finally, cuddle up with your children or grandchild and share precious memories of the past artistically illustrated in a photo book. 

YBLM also serves the small business owner helping you to create compelling narratives that cause an emotional response to your business story. Reactions that create a connection to who you are and build trust in your ability to deliver. Your visuals created as custom PowerPoint slideshows or video slideshows can motivate viewers to keep consuming the story about the products or services you offer.

Let Your Best Life Media save you time to enjoy life and make more memories of a life well-lived.


yblm photo Savings Plan

The core service of YBLM is visual storytelling complemented by three additional photo management services.

Visual Storytelling
​Memory-Keeping Solutions
Digital Photo Organizing
Photo Restoration 


YBLM Visual Storytelling Products:

  • Photo Books

  • Video slideshow

  • Custom PowerPoint slideshow

  • Animations

  • Custom Images

Watch to learn more about our services

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Choose the Present to Preserve the Future

Visual Storytelling

"Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text by the human brain and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual." 3M


What is visual storytelling? It's a strategy that tells a story through the use of visual media, such as photos, video, or illustration. The bottom line is it captures the attention of the viewer more effectively.


In brand marketing, it can tell a story about a client's pain point and allow you to visually convey how you can relieve the pain.


This is the core service of YBLM. Click the YBLM Vimeo Showcase to view our visual narratives created for clients.

Memory-Keeping Solutions

YBLM is committed to empowering clients to be better stewards of thier photo collection. We have partnered with Forever to incorporate memory-keeping solutions as an essential service for photo management.


Forever offers a state of the art package of options for media conversion and permanent storage. Additionally an expansive collection of templates for creating photo gifts from your existing media collection. This can be ideal for the DIY incline person or for someone looking to create personalized gifts.


The bottom line is Forever becomes a full service option for ensuring permanent access to valued memories.

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Digital Photo Organizing

 In 2020 YBLM became a brand partner with SurroundUs. An industry leading, cutting edge female-led company providing digital photo organizing.

This partnership strengthens YBLMs capacity to appeal to the needs of all types of clients. Those desiring a more intensive, long-term option to manage their photo collection will benefit most from this service.

Your photo collection is priceless and YBLM and SurroundUs work together to ensure your best life moments are protected and enjoyed.

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A Gracefully Greying interview about visual storytelling in various mediums and the importance of digital photo organizing.

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