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Visual Storytelling

"Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text by the human brain and

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual." 3M


What is visual storytelling? It's a strategy that tells a story through the use of visual media, such as

photos, video, or illustration. The bottom line is it captures the attention of the viewer more effectively. 


In brand marketing, it can tell a story about a client's pain point and allow you to visually convey how you can relieve the pain.


This is the core service of YBLM. Click the YBLM Vimeo Showcase to view our visual narratives created for clients.

Open For Business
Female Vlogger

Memory Tributes
Video Slideshow

  • Memorial tributes include a minimum of 50 photos and a maximum of 75.

  • A loved one has passed on, our condolences to you and the family. You are faced with a lot of decisions but we want to help you with the task of creating a compelling memorial tribute to celebrate their life. Our video slideshows are more than a series of photos put together. We use customized templates, transitions, captions, and music to tell their story.

  • We are sensitive to the nature of this service and ask that you provide us with at least three days notice. There is a $60 fee assessed for less than three days.

Business Branding
Video Slideshow & PowerPoint Presentations

  • Affordable media options to help build business brand and presence.

  • Have you found yourself faced with a need to have a professional presentation for your business? If this is you, we can help you grow into a digital marketing plan?

  • We provide business startups and small businesses an affordable option for promoting their business. We work with your existing photo collection (photos and video clips) along with relevant images to create video promos that tell your business story. Each video includes music, transitions, customized templates and voice over upon request.

Tell Your Story
Video Slideshow

  • Weddings, showers, graduations, anniversaries, travel, and other important events. 

  • Your captured memories can be made into a video slideshow to share with friends and family. Video slideshows are walks down memory lane. They tell your story, those best life moments in life you don't want to forget. Those defining moments that reflect the intentional aspects of your life. Moments that live on after your death--a photo legacy for the next generation.

Creative Memories

  • Photo books organize memories in a creative design for family members. Capture photos from travel, parties, graduations, weddings, baby books, old family photos, family reunions. We offer customized photo books, and those you can make from the Design & Print templates.

  • Give the gift or memories with customized tabletop panels, wall decor, calendars, notebooks, cards etc.

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