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services are designed for individuals, families, and entrepreneurs. Anyone with a collection of photos they love and a story to tell.

The YBLM Photo Management Suite

Storytelling - Videos & Photo Books

Image by Joshua Hoehne

Memorial Tributes

Video Slideshow

Memorial tributes include a minimum of 50 photos and a maximum of 75. Pricing is based on an hourly rate of $50 for a half-day session (four hours). The estimated time is based on the scope of the project. Includes a free 30-minute exploratory session. An additional fee of $75 is assessed for projects with two day completion time frame.

Open For Business

Business Branding

Video Slideshow

An affordable means for promoting your business when creating contented on an as needed basis.


Based upon an hourly rate of $50. Short videos, 30 - 120 seconds in length are created for promotional purposes. Includes customized slide templates, photos/images, captions, music, and video clips. Also includes a free 30-minute exploratory session. 

Filming a Video

Tell Your Story

Video Slideshow

Weddings, showers, graduations, anniversaries, travel, and other important events.


Based upon half-day  (4 hours) design sessions. Video creation includes photos/images/video clips, music, customized templates, and captions, and a free 30-minute exploratory session. Longer videos are estimated to require on average two sessions.

Prices start at $400 (additional cost for album selection). Based upon half-day design sessions and the scope of the project. A standard album may start at 22 pages (additional fees for extra pages and premium albums). 

Memory Keeping Solutions

Digital Photo Organizing